What happens if a transaction fails when using Virtual POS?

Alerts screen
The alerts screen displays all the failed recurring payments whereas the second grid displays all the scheduled recurring where the credit card is about to expire.

Failed Recurring Payments
When a scheduled recurring payment processes a transaction and it fails for any reason, for example ‘Insufficient Funds’, that scheduled recurring payment is marked as inactive and no further processing is done against that scheduled recurring payment unless the cause of the failure is actioned, for example ‘Update the Credit Card’. All such scheduled recurring payments are displayed here in the grid. This grid functions in the same way as ‘View Recurring’ except it cannot be searched based on search criteria.

Note: Updating the credit card details will not immediately process the missed recurring payment, to process the payment and retain the current recurring payment schedule follow instructions in New Payment.

Expiring Credit Cards
This grid enables the user to search for scheduled recurring payments based on the credit card expiry between two given dates.  For example: a user wants to lists all scheduled recurring payments where the credit card expires between January 2019 and December 2019. This grid allows the user to achieve this and also to update the credit card details. Both grids function in the same way as the Scheduled Recurring Grid.

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