Website Payments

What is a Website Payment?

A website payment is where you are converting a sale through your e-commerce shopping cart on your website.

How do I integrate SQID as a payment processor for my e-commerce shopping cart?

There are two ways you can integrate SQID as a preferred payment processor – through our open API, which has customised modules for you to create continuity of your brand throughout the shopping experience or our WooCommerce Plug-In.

I already have a payment option in my e-commerce shopping cart, so why would I include SQID as another option?

Customers like to have a choice in how they pay when they shop online. Often when there is more than one option, they feel more able to control this environment. It is a balance, though – too many options, and you will see a higher bounce rate from your shopping cart and a drop-in conversion rate. Contact us to learn more about how you can optimise this as an option for your business

SQID is an ‘all-inclusive merchant account’ which means that once you set up your account, you can access any of our payment solutions to use throughout your business model

Is SQID PCI DSS Compliant?

Yes! You can integrate SQID as a preferred payment processor with the confidence that your payment solution is PCI DSS compliant.

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