How We Help Business

SQID is focused on what your business needs to transact seamlessly. Often when companies are looking for a payment solution, they are trying to solve one’ pain point’. At SQID, we listen to discover how we can help you to increase your ability to convert your customers and support you through training to do so.

At SQID we pride ourselves on our customer service as no two customers are the same. We also understand that because of this the way you may want to convert your customers may also differ. Therefore, no two payment solutions are the same. At SQID we support your need to customize your approach to transacting to improve your conversion rate and grow your business. We are here to help make that happen!

What’s So Different, You Ask?

Not all businesses are the same, and at SQID, we know that not all payment processors are the same. We pride ourselves on listening and learning how your business works, what you want to achieve, and then determining how we can help you do that. Often our merchants are surprised by what they can achieve in their business to create new and exciting revenue streams through SQID.

At SQID we partner with businesses to work alongside you to ensure we help you understand what you can achieve with payment solutions to improve your cash flow and reduce your overheads. No need to feel overwhelmed with choice of what type of payments suit your business. We will help you identify what will work for your business, where it will work and how it will optimize your business transactional performance.

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